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ADBA-using-140x140ADBulkAdmin is a free tool for AD administrators to manage Active Directory users in bulk. You can use it to check a large number of users’ attributes, get users from OU, get members from Group, get all disabled users, get all locked out users, get users password expiration days, create a large number of AD users with specific attributes, unlock a large number of  users, reset a large number of  users’ passwords, enable or disable a large number of users, remove a large number of users, set a large number of users’ properties, check a large number of  groups, add a large number of  users to group or remove a large number of users from group, test users if using easy password, get user lock status on all the domain controllers.


1. .net Framework 4.0 or higher.
2. Office 2007 or higher. Run ADBulkAdmin.exe in 32 or 64 bit Office folder according to your office version. With Office Excel, you can create a large number of users or set properties for users. If you are using Office 2016 and you can’t operate Excel, please download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from  or Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime
3. Files of the tool: ADBulkAdmin.exe, ADBulkAdmin.exe.config, users.xlsx, ADBATData.accdb. (You must not change the name of these files!)
4. User with necessary AD permissions, and run this tool as administrator.


Unzip the compressed file, make sure the tool ADBulkAdmin.exe, users.xlsx and ADBulkAdmin.exe.config are in the same folder. You can save ADBATData.accdb in the same folder or in a shared path with others. Run ADBulkAdmin.exe as administrator according to your Office version 32bit or 64bit. If your computer has already joined to domain or you run the tool on a domain controller, it can connect to a domain controller automatically, and then you can use it directly. If your computer has not joined to domain yet, you can connect to a domain controller by clicking “Settings”. You can specify the logpath, dcpath, select the attributes you want to check user, create new user or set user.

1. Check User: You can input samAccountName, userPrincipalName, mail or displayName to search user. If you select All, it will search all of these attributes and display all results match the value. You also can search via selecting one attribute. Each row with one user, and then you can get the users’ common attributes by clicking Run. I think you must know the common attributes of an AD user.

2. Get Users: Get users from OU, get members from Group, get all disabled users, get all locked out users, get password expiration days users.

3. New User: First select the attributes in Settings->NewUserAttr, then click Save to save the selected attributes to newuser sheet in users.xlsx. If you want to create new user to your specified OU path, you need to check OU in Settings-NewUserAttr and input the ou path like “ou=deptou,dc=domain,dc=com” to newuser sheet in users.xlsx, if not you must create an OU named “tempuserou” to store new users.Please input the users’ information into Sheet “newuser” in users.xlsx, if you don’t want to set the attributes, just leave the data cell blank. You must input the users’ samAccountNames, and then you can choose to input the other attribute values as your necessary. If you don’t set the Password value, the tool will use “abcD.1234″ as the default password, so you must think if it matches your password policy and you can customize a new password to meet your password policy by inputting the Password data.

For one important thing, if your computer doesn’t join to domain, or you don’t want the user’s UPN to use the default domain name, you must select UNP option in Settings->NewUserAttr and input the UPN value in the Sheet newuser. Then input the user’s User Principle Name like , the the UPN will be .

For proxyAddresses attribute, if you have selected to input this value in Setting->NewUserAttr, you have to split the multiple values with ‘^’ , like:^


If you are using Exchange on-premises, this value should be generated automatically after you enable user’s mailbox, no necessary to input.

For the new user, its Name is the same to the Display Name, you can decide if user must change password at next logon by clicking “Settings->NewUserAttr->Force Password Change at Next Logon”.

For Manager, you need to input the manager’s samAccountName like nilejiang.

For HomeDrive, you just need to input the value like Z:

4. Unlock User: You can unlock users which are locked, just input the users’ samaccountnames in the textbox and click Run, it will unlock all the users. You can check if the users are locked by Check User feature, if the user is locked, its status will be locked and its color will be red.

5. Reset Password: You can reset a large number of users’ passwords to the same password by inputting the “Custom Pwd”, if not, the password will be reset to “abcD.1234″, and you can choose if user must change password at next logon.

6. Disable/Enable User: You can disable or enable a large number of users by Xable User feature, just input the user’s samAccountNames and choose “Disable User” or “Enable User”.

7. Remove User: You can remove users from AD by Remove User feature after you input the users’ samAccountNames.

8. Set Properties: Please select the attributes in Settings->SetUserAttr first, then click Save to save the selected attributes to setprop sheet in users.xlsx. You can input the attribute values of the user as necessary, if you don’t want to set the attributes, just leave the data cell blank, if you want to clear the attribute value, just input the word “clear” to the cell. The clear function is not used for “NewPassword”, “AccountExpires” and “NewOU”.

If you choose the attribute proxyAddresses, you have to split the multiple address values with ‘^’ , like:^


If you are using Exchange on-premises, this value should be generated automatically after you enable user’s mailbox, no necessary to input.

9. Check Group: You can check the group common attributes with Check Group feature, just input the group’s samAccountName.

10. Add to Group: You can add a large number of users to a group by this feature. First input the users’ samAccountNames, then input the group’s samAccountName on the right side. You will get the result after clicking the button Run.

11. Remove from Group: It is the same to Add to Group. You can use it to remove a large number of users from a group.

12. Log View: Every operation you did with ADBulkAdmin will generate logs into the database file ADBATData.accdb. You can use Log View to check all the operations you did, and you can search logs by changing the search conditions.

13. Test Password: This is used for administrators to see if users are using too easy passwords, this feature is locked by default, if you need it please send email to me, maybe you need to pay a little.

14. Lockout&LastLogon: This is used to search user lockout status on all domain controllers, get user locked out time and so on.

15. Export to CSV: You can export any data in the datagridview to a CSV file.

We know that there are many attributes for an AD user, I just use the common attributes. If you want to customize some attributes according to your environment, please feel free to contact me. If you think this tool is helpful for you, please donate a little by clicking Donate. That would be a big encouragement.

There is a detailed manual in the compressed file. If you find any bugs or meet any problems, please send email to me.

If you want to customize features, please send email to me at


If you think this tool is helpful, please donate a little, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20…, any is OK! Thank you!

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Eveline Kuntjoro
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Tool screenshot:


Update History:

2013.1.23 v1.0.0.1

Add Lync and DN attribute in Check User feature to check if the user is enabled Lync and get the user’s OU path via DN.

2013.3.11 v1.0.0.2

Add account expires time attribute etc. and fix some small bugs.

2013.3.11 v1.0.0.3

Add telephoneNumber, mobile and description etc. to create new users and fix some small bugs.

2013.3.11 v1.0.0.4

Add password and mail attributes to create new users and set users.

2014.2.8 V1.0.0.5

Add new feature of specifying domain controller.

2014.2.16 V1.1.0.0

Enhance dc specify feature. Generate two versions for bothe 32bit office and 64bit office, fix some small bugs and exceptions.

2014.5.15 V1.1.0.1

Fix the bug of wrong result when adding to group or removing from group, add some new user attributes.

2014.8.26 V1.1.0.2

Select “User must change password at next logon” when creating new users and reseting user pasword.

2014.9.17 V1.1.0.3

Add the feature of recording and searching logs to Access database.

2014.11.4 V1.1.0.4

Add the feature that user can select attributes when checking users, creating new users and setting users, fix some small bugs.

2015.4.29 V1.1.0.5

Add Unlock User function and fix some small bugs, like reset name attribute when change Display Name, create user successfully when name includes “,” etc..

2015.5.1 V1.1.0.6

Add all the common AD user attributes to the tool when checking, creating and modifying users, can specify ou path when creating new users, fix some small bugs.

2015.8.12 V1.1.0.7

Add attributes employeeNumber and proxyAddresses for check users, create new users and set properties according to user’s requirement.

2015.8.17 V1.1.0.8

Add Check Update featue in About. It can check if there is a new version and can download the latest version.

2015.9.30 V1.1.0.9

Add some new attributes like ProfilePath, HomeDrive and HomeDirectory and so on. Add detail logs when operating. Fix some small bugs and make some optimizations like use samAccountName as cn when not input the DisplayName attribute.

2015.12.03 V1.1.0.10

Fix the bug that can’t open at the second time if your computer doesn’t join domain and you have specified a domain controller and save the settings. It works OK now.

2016.1.21 V1.1.0.11

Fix some small bugs, add Export to CSV feature, add Get Users Feature that get users from OU, get members from Group, get all disabled users, get all locked out users, get password expiration days users. Add Test Password feature, add search user Lockout and Lastlogon status on all domain controllers. Test Password and Lockout&LastLogon feature are locked by default, if you need it please send email to me, maybe you need to pay a little to unlock it.

2016.1.21 V1.1.0.12

Fixed Test Password bug, add whencreated and LogOnTo(userworkstations) attributes, add PasswordExpireDays to Lockou&LastLogon feature. Test Password and Lockout&LastLogon feature are locked by default, if you need it please send email to me, maybe you need to pay a little to unlock it.

2016.4.30 V1.1.0.13

Fixed the bug of profiepath when including %username% in the value. Add Logon Script attribute and Password Never Expires to NewUser and Set Properties feature. Add Password Never Expires to Reset Password feature.

2016.7.16 V1.1.0.14

Fixed a small bug that can not select all via Ctrl + A on Add to Group etc. Unlock Lockout&LastLogon for free.

2016.7.23 V1.1.0.15

Fixed the bug when create New User or Set Properties to the OU path which contains special character like “/”,  also for Check User feature.

2016.12.10 V1.1.0.16

Fixed a small bug, changed the Settings desgin, can add or remove the attributes to the list and sort the attributes, so that can check, create or set user attributes more easily.


Optimize the source code, add UPN to Set Properties, change ProxyAddresses to split with “;”, add value without overwriting existed values.


Change About to check update automatically aftering opening and show if it is the latest version.
Can add new user to multiple existed groups split with semicolon ; when creating new users.
Can add multiple users to multiple groups split with semicolon ; with Add to Group feature.
Can remove multiple users from multiple groups split with semicolon ; with Remove from Group feature.
Add Report feature that can generate operation report for all users or one user.

2018.1.14 V1.1.0.20

Change ProxyAddresses to split with “^” for Check User, New User and Set Properties features according user’s requirements, add switch for appending or replacing ProxyAddresses values in Settings->SetUserAttrList.

2018.5.6 V1.1.0.21

Fixed a bug that can’t delete user contains child object.

Added samAccoutName length check when creating new users.

2018.6.18 V1.1.0.22

Added the new feature that get group list user belong to and export to csv.

2018.8.19 V1.1.0.23

Added new attribute otherTelephone and optimize some code.

2018.11.25 V1.1.0.24

Added new attributes division and info, fixed a small bug when saving logs containing “‘” in attributes.

2019.2.8 V1.1.0.25

Added get groups, contacts and computers from OU, get inactive days computers.

2019.3.3 V1.1.0.26

Added extersionAttribute14, added Scripts samples, please contact Nile to get.

2019.5.12 V1.1.0.28

Added Name(cn) attribute in New User and Set Properties, can set Name separately. if not set in New User, it will be the same to Display Name, if not set Display Name, it will be samAccontName. Changed UPN input type to full value like , added new feature User Last Logon Report, can get user last logon report from specified DC.

2019.5.19 V1.1.0.29

Added display user disabled status in User Last Logon Report, added determine if has existed UPN when creating new users.

2019.6.2 V1.1.0.30

Added middle name according to user’s request.

2019.6.29 V1.1.0.31

Fixed the bug that get error when creating new user if selected UPN but not set value.

2019.7.06 V1.1.0.32

Fixed some small bugs if contains special characters in user or OU name, doesn’t load all groups by default.

2019.7.28 V1.1.0.33

Adjusted a label layout, fixed a small bug.

Written by Nile Jiang
  1. Alan


  2. 2013年5月27日13:02

    其实创建完帐户再用Add to Group功能我觉得也挺方便的,我考虑考虑。

  3. David

    您好,请问在批量设置帐户属性:Set Properties的时候只能设置EXCEL表中定义好的属性字段吗?我想修改其它的属性,比如userWorkstations,提示设置成功,但是没有生效,不知为何、

  4. 2013年6月26日10:42


  5. bigbird1985

    您好,能否可以自定义是否启用 “下次登录时需修改密码” 的功能? 因为有些账号是开设给一些不加域的用户使用, 而我们公司的邮件系统也不是exchange 2010及以上的版本, 谢谢.

  6. 2014年10月23日16:19


  7. Chris

    I loaded the software. I was able to configure the DC path and connect to the domain controller with the administrator account. I am logged in as the administrator on the computer that is using the the software but when I try to upload a new user I am getting a An invalid DN syntax has been specified. Please sure you have permissions to create new users. The account I am using can create users in Active Directory. Is there something I am missing? Can it run remotely on the network or does it have to be run locally on the server? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    • 2015年9月21日09:47

      Did you input the new user’s DisplayName? If not, please input this value, it is one part of your new user’s DN in v1.1.0.8. I will fix it in v1.1.0.9. If it still doesn’t work, please send email to me.
      Best regards.

  8. Jim

    Hi Nile, 工具太棒了,谢谢。

    • 2015年10月29日18:44

      Hi, @Jim

  9. Jim


  10. 2016年1月22日11:00


  11. 2016年5月22日21:26

    感谢你及你的软件,good tools!

  12. ibaral

    I’m having a similar issue to Chris, I was able to edit the excel spreadsheet users to add all the info I want to create a new user, but whether I use a specific OU or use the default (tempuserou) it doesn’t work. I get the following error message:
    A constraint violation occurred.

    Please make sure if you have permission to create new users!

    I’ve tried a lot of different things, is there something I’m missing?

    • 2016年10月28日04:13


      I have sent email to you. I think there must be some attribute values violate your AD policy, like password length, and you also need to pay attention to the Manager and OU attributes, the value of Manager should be samAccountName, the OU path must exist.

      If it still not work, please send the users.xlsx file to me.


  13. HLD

    Nile Jiang 您好!

    • 2016年11月7日02:14

      Hi HLD,
      发邮件给你了,一要注意根据Office版本(32位或64位)来运行对应文件夹下的程序。二是这种情况我发现主要发生在Office 2016下,可以尝试Access 2010或2013的引擎来解决问题。


  14. han

    Nile Jiang:

    • 2016年11月11日14:54

      Hi Han,

      目前表里的UPN是修改后面的域名,前面的部分就是你的samAccountName啊,如果想改前面就改samAccountName就行了,除非你是想让UPN @前面的用户名和samAccountName不一致?如果是这样只能单独为你定制了,但这样会为用户登录带来麻烦的,所以一般都是一致的。



      • han

        我们的UPN @前面的用户名和samAccountName的确不一致,所以希望能够在excel内定义完整的UPN导入到AD

  15. Bolder

    I always get this error when trying to a new user into a group. Any ideas what went wrong?

    Add user ‘xxx’ to group ‘TestGroup’ failed, has existed!

  16. Bolder

    I always get this error when trying to add a user into group. Any ideas what went wrong?

    Add user ‘user1′ to group ‘TestGroup’ failed, has existed!

    • 2016年11月30日18:39


      Have you checked if the user user1 already added to the group TestGroup? How about trying to run Remove it from the group?

  17. DerekS.


    I don’t see that you’ve tested this on Server 2016…but after installing and setting up the DC, just running a “Get users from OU” results in:

    “The index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index”

    Most of the other functions work except the New User. I’ve entered users on the xlsx sheet but when I hit Run, I get:

    “Access is denied. Please make sure if you have permission to create new users”

    My account is a member of Domain/Enterprise/Schema Admins.

  18. DerekS.

    Looks like running the app as Administrator fixed the “Access is denied” error.

    • 2016年11月30日18:42

      Yes, I haven’t tested on Server 2016. Does it work for you now? even on Server 2016?

  19. Maggai


    I need to add the attribute “BusinessCategory”. There are some possibility for this.

    Thanks for software. It is very important for me

  20. Glisit


    I love this tool and it’s very useful in managing users in bulk. Would it be possible to add additional attributes please?
    * ExtendedAttribute2
    * ExtendedAttribute3
    * ExtendedAttribute4
    * ExtendedAttribute5
    * UserPrincipalName

    Also, I am getting an error when pulling users – Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression. This is on Server2012R2 AD. It is not a fatal error as I get the list of users.

    Thank you so much for this tool and for your support.


  21. stone


  22. Winston

    Hi, Nile,

    • 2018年5月7日22:19

      Hi Winston,



  23. Steve E.

    When I attempt to create a group of new users, I add those users to the Users.xls file. However, when I open the tool and select Add New Users, the only users that show up in the list as the two default users in the distribution version of the Users File. I have tried using the Users file in both the 32-bit and the 64-bit directories.

    Other functions work correctly. Specifically, if I populate the Users file with existing users that I want to change attributes for, the list of users in the Users file shows up correctly when I select that tab within the tool.

    Suggestions ?

    Steve E.

    • 2017年11月3日07:47

      Hi Steve,

      New users should be input in newuser sheet in users.xlsx and set users should be in setprop sheet.

      If still not work, please send your users.xlsx to my email address


  24. Bruk

    Would it be possible to add additional attributes please?

    * ExtensionAttribute9
    * ExtensionAttribute10
    * ExtensionAttribute15

    Thank you

  25. Bruk

    We need set UPN like as email. Not as SamAccount Name. Is it possible?

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