Opalis 6.3安装全过程(Opalis 6.3 and Operator Console Installation Guide)

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Opalis 是一个流程自动化的数据管理软件,为微软所收购,微软官方是这样描述它的:

Opalis is an automation platform for orchestrating and integrating IT tools to drive down the cost of datacenter operations, while improving the reliability of IT processes. It enables IT organizations to automate best practices, such as those found in Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This is achieved through workflow processes that coordinate System Center and other management tools to automate incident response, change and compliance, and service-lifecycle management processes.

Through its workflow designer, Opalis automatically shares data and initiates tasks in System Center Operations Manager, System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Service Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Active Directory and 3rd party tools. Opalis workflow automates IT infrastructure tasks, while System Center Service Manager workflow provides automation of human workflow. The combined offering ensures repeatable, consistent results by removing the latency associated with manual coordination service delivery. System Center and Opalis enable integration, efficiency, and business alignment of the datacenter IT services.

本文所附文档将全面全面的介绍Opalis 6.3的软件端和Web端Operator Console在Windows Server 2008 R2下的安装配置实践,安装中的注意事项,以及一点经验的总结,具体内容目录如下:

Opalis Installation Guide
What’s new in Opalis 6.3
Install the Management Server
Database installation
License Configuration
Install the Client
Upgrade to 6.3 release
Management Server Update
Deploy the action servers and clients
To run the client update
Integration Packs
IP installation
Integration packs deployment
Install Opalis Operator Console
安装PowerShell 2.0


Written by Nile Jiang

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