Retrospect is asking me to re-type my license code

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When I launch Retrospect it is asking me to re-enter my license code again, even though I have been using the software for several months/years.

This will happen when the Retrospect preferences have become corrupted. This corruption may happen due to a power failure or crash while using Retrospect. We have seen the preferences get corrupted when the startup disk runs out of disk space. We have even seen operating system updates (like Service Pack updates) cause corruption to the preferences.



Retrospect for Windows uses a configXX.dat and configXX.bak file to store all Retrospect preferences (license code, scripts, custom settings, client database, etc.). The config file is located in documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect.

The configXX.bak file is backup of the Retrospect settings that is overwritten with the current settings every time you quit Retrospect.

1) Do NOT enter a new license code if Retrospect is requesting a new code, this will result in the backup copy of the preferences to become overwritten.

2) Go to documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect

3) Check the modification and creation dates for the configXX.dat and configXX.bak. If the .bak file modify/creation date matches the modify date for the .dat file, then your backup copy of the preferences has probably been overwritten by the corrupt copy of the .dat file.

4) Rename the configXX.dat file to configXX.old.

5) Rename the configXX.bak file to configXX.dat

6) Launch Retrospect.

7) If Retrospect stops asking for a license code and still contains your custom settings, then you have corrected the problem.

8) If Retrospect continues to ask for a license code, then the preferences on your hard disk have become corrupted. You must re-type your Retrospect license code.

9) Once you get Retrospect open again, restore a copy of the configXX.dat file from an older backup of the C: disk.

Restore Steps

Once you restore the file, quit Retrospect and replace the config file in documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect with the copy you just restored.

一定要注意的一点是当出现这种情况时一定先不要输入序列号,否则configXX.dat 和configXX.bak文件会被新的文件替换,一定要先把它们备份一份儿出来,再输入序列号。所以最重要的documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect文件夹就要定时备份,可以把此文件夹或装有此软件的服务器的整个C盘也加入到Retrospect的备份之列,可以每天,也可以每周备份一次,视情况而定,以确保万无一失。当然即便一时大意,输入序列号之后损失的也只是日志数据、Proactive和Manage Script数据,还有Backup Set数据,但是Backup Set数据可以通过打开Catalog文件来恢复显示Backup Set,但日志无法恢复,Script也只能是手动重建了。


Written by Nile Jiang

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